Eric Jamieson

Eric Jamieson is the expert coach at education charity Australian Schools Plus. He is a former high school principal and ...

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Rochelle Bennett

Rochelle is the Founder of Obsidian. She is passionate about educating and inspiring people to be the absolute best they ...

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Steve Tsiamis

Steve heads up our sales and business development practice. With over 16 years experience in the IT sector, Steve has previously ...

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Obsidian Education

  • Comply

    Putting the wellbeing of students and teachers above all else

  • Learn

    Collaborative program design

  • Assess

    Frequent, real-time assessment

  • Analyse

    Discover student strengths and needs

  • Adapt

    Personalise learning

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Our vision is to see a world of more inspired teachers who feel valued for their teaching and student who are connected to their learning. We help teachers to nurturestudent engagement, wellbeing and graduate qualities to thrive in an unknown future.

Please join us in helping our teachers to raise a new generation of students who are life ready.